Engineer wearing jacket and safety helmet looking to a constructing building.
Al fikree workers working on the construction site
Engineers working with laptop and holding construction blueprint
Engineer wearing Al fikree jacket giving instruction to labours on a construction site.

Our Certificates

ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001 CERTIFIED

ISO Certificate 45001 : 2018ISO Certificate 14001 : 2015ISO Certificate 9001 : 2015


Foundations of Excellence

In every endeavor, we uphold the pillars of quality, satisfaction, innovation, and safety, crafting each project as a testament to our commitment and excellence

Two towering buildings captured from a low angle, showcasing their impressive height and architectural grandeur.

Supreme Quality

We prioritize customer satisfaction and luxury, delivering top-notch quality while minimizing costs. Our work exceeds expectations, promptly addressing any issues to maintain high standards through regular worksite assessments.

 An inviting living room featuring a sleek staircase and a plush couch, creating a contemporary and comfortable space.

Dynamic Innovation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a cutting-edge technology that aids in strategic project planning throughout its lifecycle.  At AFC, we use BIM for efficient operations and a competitive edge—from clash detection to seamless coordination.

Two men in green vests working on a construction site, focused and determined to complete their tasks.

Zero Incidents

AFC prioritizes employee safety, routinely assessing all onsite incidents to enhance our work system for Zero Incidents. All employees are provided with Personal Protective Equipment, and its use is strictly advocated on-site.

engineers discussing over a plan on construction site.

Value Engineering

At our core is value engineering. From pre-qualification, we explore alternatives and innovative solutions to reduce costs for clients. Researching industry trends, we enhance value through technology and engineering solutions.

A beautiful house with a spacious patio and a gated entrance. A perfect place to relax and enjoy privacy.


Building Dreams Over Two Decades.

Born from the vision of becoming a premier one-stop solution for homeowners in Dubai, Al Fikree has transformed this vision into reality over two decades. Our extensive network of trusted specialist sub-contractors and suppliers across the region ensures timely fulfillment of every client's need without compromising on the quality of the final product.

Meet our team

Our team, driven by passion and expertise, is here to turn your visions into reality. Meet the faces behind our commitment to excellence.

A woman in a blue dress diligently works at her desk with a laptop, displaying determination and engagement.

Sherin Mathew

Chief Accountant

A businesswoman sitting at a desk, focused and professional.


Senior Quantity Surveyor

A focused woman wearing glasses sits at a desk, working on her laptop.


Senior Quantity Surveyor

A man in a green shirt focused on his laptop at a desk.

Abdul Naeem

Planning Engineer

A bearded man with glasses smiles warmly at the camera, radiating a friendly and approachable demeanor.


Procurement Officer

A man in a black shirt focused on his laptop at a desk.


Junior Accountant

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A spacious room with a big window, offering a serene view.A stylish bedroom with a sleek marble wall, creating a contemporary and elegant ambiance.